Need Help with Backup Plugin

Howdy friends and neighbors,

I admin a medium-to-large blog, and I would love to hear your thoughts on a good backup plugin.

Currently I am using the Duplicator plugin, but thus far I have had no success with it.

Whenever I try to create a backup, the script silently times out. All appears to be working and my best guess is that Dreamhost is limiting the amount of time that scripts are allowed to run.

If the issue does turn out to be a script timeout thing, can I adjust that value so that my site can finish its backup?

Or if it is not a timeout issue, then I would love to hear your suggestions. Which backup utility do you use? Any advice?

Here are the site vitals:
• WP 3.5
• PHP 5.3 w/fast CGI
• Total size of site +/-1.7GB
• Duplicator 0.4.1

Thanks in advance for all your help!

@zippohippo - i’ve been using UpdraftPlus

· scheduled b/up to FTP, via email, Google Drive, Amazon S3
· segregated b/up: Plugins / Themes / Uploads / Other DIR (but exclude option)
· Option to retain variable # back-ups

…I’ve found it very sturdy, reliable and efficient.

Supports GDrive? Gotta try this one out sometime!

Definitely, I’m very impressed with it so far…

new update today improves that functionality.
Today’s update notes

1.0.15 - 12/22/2012

·Fixed bug that set 1Tb (instead of 1Mb) chunk sizes for Google Drive uploads
·Added link to some screenshots to help with Google Drive setup
·Allowed use of existing Amazon S3 buckets with restrictive policies (previously, we tested for the bucket’s existence by running a create operation on it, which may not be permitted)
·Use WordPress’s native HTTP functions for greater reliability when performing Google Drive authorisation
·Deal with WP-Cron racey double events (abort superceeded backups)
·Allow user to download logs from admin interface

I’ll be playing with the new WP this week and this looks like a plugin I’d consider using.

Thanks very much for the tip!

Sounds like exactly what we need.

My one concern is the fact that our site is a bit hefty. Is your site in the same range as ours? Roughly between 1-2GB? As cool as Updraft sounds, if it turns out that the host is limiting the time the script is allowed to run, we may end up back where we started.

I’ll give it a crack and report my results here.


What part of your site is the 1-2 gigs? The DB or the PHP files?

At that size, the problem will be using WordPress for this at all :confused:

My guess would be the PHP files (I say guess because I’m not able to check from this computer).

We have a fairly large uploads folder, and three years of archives. If I exclude the uploads folder the backup size drops to 900MB (down from 1.7GB). However, the backup script still times out.

I am not opposed to moving some of the older stuff to a different server (and we probably should), to reduce the overall size. But I would like to make one complete backup of the site in its current state to fall back to in case Bad Things™ occur.

Again, I’m entirely open to suggestions.

For something so large I’d be definitely dropping to shell and make at least one complete backup as an archive to download locally.

Entities that immense should probably be using rsync or git as the backup mechanism of choice.

Have you looked at git?

Moving to another server to reduce size doesn’t help as much as it could. I mean, you still want to have that when you backup.

I’m on a VPS, so I run a whole server backup every day (and rotate backups, I’m a little paranoid). Using git (a version control tool) or rsync (a copy/sync tool) would be the better way to go. Asking WP to do this is like towing a boat with a MiniCoop. You can do it, but you’ll probably burn out your engine.

Excellent metaphor. You’re right.

Now to look into the pros/cons of git vs. rsync. Leaning towards rsync at the moment.

Ultimately I’d like to set up a backup on another server (perhaps via S3 or something similar), instead of on my local machine. Would rsync handle that? The wiki gives instructions for local backups, but I don’t see anything about server-to-server.

Thanks again for all your help.

Yes, rsync can go between servers :slight_smile: You’ll want to set up SSH keys so you don’t have to enter passwords first, mind you.

I haven’t yet used Git for this, but rsync is an old friend :wink: I used it to move a 4gig site between servers.

Alright, I’m dangerously close to having this work.

Cron is throwing a “Host key verification failed error” at me. My guess is that the server is requesting a password, and cron is all like “naw dog, no password here”.

I have created SSH keys via the Dreamhost panel, but I am not sure where to implement them.

As always, your help is appreciated.

In my other hat, I wrote this:

It’s the same idea, just server to server vs desktop to server.

That worked like a peach. Your help has been invaluable, thanks.

I have some more questions, but at this point the topic is no longer Wordpress, so I will hop over to the appropriate forum.