Need Help with Adding WooCommerce to my First Website


Hello everyone,

Would really appreciate help with setting up my first website, and adding WooCommerce to it. I clicked on Remixer, and chose “Small Business”… managed to edit some of text and add a photo. Can’t find where I can edit page layout, or anything else. Also, can’t find a SAVE button. And an option where I can VIEW what I’m creating.

Once I’ve figured out how to work with my website, I’d like to add WooCommerce. Could anyone help me, please? I’m feeling totally lost.

I’ve paid for a year of shared hosting.

Again, any help would be truly appreciated.



Hi Michelle!

It’s not possible to change the theme of your existing site or edit the web section in Remixer. You are only able to edit what you can click on. Remixer does not support Ecommerce at this time. However, you can export it to WordPress and then install WooCommerce. For additional information, please see:

I hope this helps!


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