Need help understanding shared hosting and IP

I’m programming an embedded web server, Spinneret from Parallax Inc.

The Spinneret is working fine as a server. On my local home network, the Spinneret can request pages from any web application (.NET).

I’m having a problem requesting pages from the internet. The Spinneret uses IP and port to connect to a server. Once a socket is opened, an HTTP header sent and the response is read. I can’t seem to get the socket to open. For example, I’m trying to hit this page, The IP is When I try to open a socket using port 80 the Spinneret just waits and waits. If I do the same thing on my home network, hitting an internal IP like, it works fine.

How can I go about troubleshooting? Any suggested reading?

Have you tried connecting to other systems on the Internet besides a DreamHost machine?

I was able to figure out the issue. Turned out to be router settings.