Need help transferring domain

i’m just new to web hosting and registered with dreamhost couple of days ago for $9.95/yr account registering a new domain name as well (i’ll call it “account1” ).
i had a promo code (for $50 discount) but i missed the option to enter it somehow while registering :frowning: (I wasn’t drunk)
Now its $119.xx due on me. Somebody told me that i can register using a different email address and use promo code in that process. I can then transfer domain name from account1 to my new account and then cancel account1 permanently (as i have 30 days trial)
i want to know

  1. is it possible to transfer the domain name from account1 to my new account after just 3 days
  2. if 1 is possible, then how much it will cost me?
  3. if 1 is true, then how many days it’ll take to complete domain name transfer process?
  4. if i just cancel account1, will i able to use domain name from this account to any other hosting soon?

any help will be really appreciated.

We are just customers like you.

I’ll suggest you to contact DH support via DH panel --> Support --> Contact Support. Tell them that you missed the option the enter the promo code and ask them what they can do. I’m sure they will be glad to help you.

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thanks for the reply :slight_smile:
Alright i’ll contact DH technical support and i’ll keep on checking this post as well.

Just be careful. Dreamhost doesn’t like (and disallows) people creating multiple accounts and transferring the hosting of domains between them because these schemes had previously been used by people to roll hosting from one promotional account to another and gain virtually free hosting from them in perpetuity. This is obviously a bad thing for them and is specifically disallowed in the T&C of our accounts with them.

Your case could be materially different because of it just involves the registration of a domain and not the hosting of one.

Then again, the intent of promo codes is to provide a marketing incentive for non-customers to become customers. Once you’ve already become a customer (however small), you’re viewed as “hooked” and generally not eligible for new customer promotions.

This is just my reading of their T&C’s, but don’t be surprised by the outcome of your inquiry (but I do hope for the best for you!).

What the other person advised may be possible, but you may run into trouble with the transfer because you might be considered to have two open accounts with them and transferring a domain between them.

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