Need help transfering domain from %$&*#* Godaddy!


Hey all,

I’ve been trying to transfer my domain from for a month now. The first transfer request went through and got balled up by GoDaddy’s privacy nonsense.

Once I got that taken care of, NOTHING HAPPENED! So I resubmitted the transfer. Still nothing. Finally I paid for another transfer. So far, still nothing! GoDaddy maintains it’s stupidity and infallibility saying that I just need to wait and resubmit the transfer request and blah blah blah.

Is there any chance that DreamHost has fumbled the ball on this one? It would be a shocking first.

Any help is much appreciated.

Oh, and just a note, my level of experience and understanding is fairly high. Not Web-god high or anything, but high enough that you can get technical and I’ll follow you just fine.



I’ve done this several times. Here’s a rough list of steps I’ve done:

  1. Unlock Domain
  2. Go to and kill the Privacy on that registration
  3. Go to GoDaddy and email the Authorization code to yourself
  4. Wait a day for the unlock and privacy settings to take effect
  5. Submit transfer request here at DreamHost
  6. Watch for emails to show up with status and such
  7. Head back to GoDaddy and keep watching for Pending Transfers so you can Approve them as they show up

The good news is that DreamHost tracks your charges, so you don’t get double-charged for transfers.



I’ve done those steps already and GoDaddy still won’t let my domain go. I feel like the digital Moses “Let my domains go!” Now all I need are some digital plagues :wink:

Is there any way I can get GoDaddy to send the domain to DreamHost?



You actually found the Pending Transfer page and then Approved it?

Submit a ticket to Support. They often have more insight to what broke during the process.




I’d like to call or email you about this to help figure out what’s going on. If you reply with just the domain name, I can find your account with Go Daddy and contact you. Please let me know if you’d like me to do so.

Go Daddy


Okay…and how do I know you really work for GoDaddy? I mean, you could be just be trolling for peoples information or trying to get their domain info and such. No offense, but there is no way I know who you are and no way I’d just give that info out on a public forum with my domain being in the state/condition it’s in.



I respect your concern here. I’ve sent you a private message which should help us get started without you having to provide any information publicly.

Go Daddy


This doesn’t help with your domain, shisouka, and probably you already know this, but it wouldn’t be wise to give your account information, even privately, to anyone unless you initiated the phone call/other communication through a company provided phone number/address. Hope you get things ironed out soon.