Need help Starting from scratch

Ok haven’t got into web hosting since many years. I wanted a easy solution and Dreamhost came in highly recommended but I cant figure out how to setup my hosting plan and domain name.

I got everything from dreamhost. I’m not importing anything or redirecting any old url or database content.

I want to install Wordpress to manage my portfolio but I cant.
When i go to One-Click Installs » Wordpress » Custom Installation, I’m ask to Select a domain, but the menu is empty… My domain ( is not there.

I see there is a warning saying “Please note that all Custom Installations One-Click Installs require that the domain they are being installed onto are set to Fully Hosted”, when I go to Manage Domains I see my domain is fully hosted but it’s google hosted… is this normal?

Here a summary of my account and settings (personal info hidden).

I need help to get this up and running! What should I do?
Ok forget it I dont know what option I did click, I still dont know why my domain is Google Hosted and all this Google apps thing for my Dreamhost account.

Hi there!
Are you still experiencing this issue where your domain isn’t showing up when trying to One-Click install? I was able to see it when I tried under your account.
Also to answer your question about Google Hosted and Google Apps. Your domain is actually hosted with us! We have built in Google Apps so that you can use sub domains, calendars, e-mail(gmail), etc with your account!
If there is anything else that you need some clarification on or help with let us know!