Need help setting up Outlook 2003

I am having problems setting up outlook 2003. Is there anyone that can walk me threw the steps. I have set up the following and still does not work.

Name : Lori Kater
E-mail address :
Incoming POP3 :
Outgoing SMTP :
username : (I also tried “m8848001” which is Mailbox Login from Admin Panel)
Password : (what I setup in Dreamhost)
Log on using SPA : NOT checked

Under more setting button

Outgoing server tab
My out going server (SMTP) requires auth : CHECKED
Use same settings as incoming : CHECKED

Any help would be great

Thanks Bill

definitely use m8848001 as you username, everything else looks correct

If you’ve just set up this new mailbox you may need to wait a bit


I got it to work with IMAP. Why won’t it work as a POP?

IMAP default port is 143 - should work

POP3 default port is 110 - should work

Check the ports, they should default to those in OL (or any other mail client) but it doesn’t hurt to check since everything else seems to be fine.

If you can still do IMAP but not POP3, submit a support ticket

good luck