Need Help Seeing Subdomain


I have had a webpage hosted by DreamHost since November. To post content I have been using Wordpress. I am taking a class in Flash Web Design and I need to place the site online. I created a subdomain name and transferred the Flash files, including the html file into the folder for the subdomain. When I try to view the site, all I see is a list of documents. I asked technical support and they said that the quickstart file must be deleted and that I need an index.html or index.php in the folder. How and where do I get these? Do I need to change the html file generated by Flash to this title?

Also, since I have been using Wordpress on the main domain site, I have not needed to use the MySql database. Can someone please explain what I would use this database for?



If you already have a flash HTML file you’d like to see, rename it to index.html.