Need help...please

Ok i just dont understand how to set up these boards and topsites (and i have bugged suport a lot) I was told that i dont have mySQL set up, and they told me how to do it, so i went where i was supposed to, to set it up and i get stopped here:

On the Domain, mySQL subtab it says that “There are no MySQL databases set up for this account.” ok fine i know that now…then above it it says “Add a new database” is this where i go to add it? and if so what do i do??

On that page it says Add database…then Database name…whats my database name?

I know this is probably a stupid question…but i am very very new to setting up scripts like this and incase you cant tell i am very very lost :slight_smile:

Thank you all!

P.s. i also am trying to figure out how to set up a secure order form…i have the certificate, just cant figure out how to make the page, can anyone help with that too please, or know of a website where i can read on how to do it :slight_smile:


If you are new to setting up scrips, I would suggest finding a programmer to handle your MySQL setup. You can find them at, I have used several programmers though that site over the years.

As for secured web forms, one you setup the form handler or cart app, point the URL to https:// instead of http://. This will invoke the SSL connection.

Best of luck!

Micah Kritzman

Hello Tanya

Yes, you’re in the right place! Just go ahead and make up a name for your database. You have to enter an unique name for your database for the system to recognise data as being yours – as there are hundreds (if thousands?) of mysql databases now on the dreamhost machines.

For a good little program with an easy-to-use web interface to mysql, head over to and look for MySQLMan. It’s a free script and it’s very very powerful.

As for your ecommerce question. Dreamhost supply it’s customers with free Miva Merchant software. I believe it is only available for Strictly Business customers, though. But it’s worth upgrading your account to be able to enjoy the benefits of Miva.

I believe there is more information on Miva Merchant at the NewDream KBase