Need help picking trac or other project management software

Ok, so I want to start this small project. We’re two developers, eventually a couple more could join in the future but that’s uncertain.

At the moment we’re looking for a project management solution, I’m leaning twards trac as i don’t know many more, but i would like to check a bit around first. So i am all ears, please suggest your favourite.


*suported by dreamhost: something that could work without complex tricks/hacks

*Support for one of the following VCSs: mercurial, git or bazaar

*bug/issue tracker: easily telling apart bugs with other dev tickets would be nice

*documentation solution: trac does this well, it has a wiki

*http repository browse: not crucial but can be practical to link to a specific version of a file:line

Is anybody running trac with mercurial, bazaar or git on dreamhost? was the instalation trouble-free?

I also heard about this PHP clone of trac called traq, but tey don’t have a demo on their website… anyone tryed it?

thank you

We use Redmine internally at DreamHost. Unlike Trac, it isn’t available as a One-Click Install, but it does have native support for all the SCMs you mentioned (Mercurial, Bazaar, and Git), which Trac only supports via plugins. It’s also got everything else you mentioned (bug tracking, wiki, and a repository browser).

It’s pretty easy to set up using Passenger. Highly recommended.

Thanks for your reply Andrew. I didn’t care much about redmine, but after digging a bit deeper in it’s features it does look suited for my project.

However I still feel like i I can only scratch the surface of these softwares. I would like to get a clear idea of how are they different from each other. I looked around a bit more and found a few potential solutions.

Retrospectiva looks cool tool and it an be installed using passenger too. But seems like people is having troubles running it on dreamhost. Anyone?

On the other hand, trac is kind of out of question at this moment being installation and maintenance complexity the major annoyance. I’ve seen that movie countless times, I do not intend to get into that again. No offence to the good people behind trac project.

Opinions thoughts about indifero, traq or projectfusion are still wellcome.