Need help on restoring site from backup files

My web developer took my site down some time ago, but a former employee has sent me a copy of the backup files he took. How do I restore my site?

[I am a complete novice at this!]


  1. Make sure you have a hosting plan here
  2. Set up a Fully Hosted Domain in the panel under Manage Domains
  3. Use an FTP program to connect to your domain here and upload your files to the folder that the Fully Hosted step #2 created in your home directory. The backup files you have should have an index.html file in there which is key to getting your site to work.

Thank you so much!

I already had full hosting so that was no issue.

Now, more questions follow! lol

  1. The backup files I was sent are in a compressed zip folders. If I unzip them there are literally hundreds of files. Do I need to upload them individually and create all of the necessary folders?
  2. There isn’t an “index.html” file, but there is an “index.php” file…???
  1. I don’t know if the WebFTP that’s provided here has a built-in unzip function you can run on the server. If it does, then you could try that. OR log into your shell account here and use the ‘unzip’ command to unpack the archive. OR unzip it on your home computer and then upload them with your FTP program.

Doing it on your home computer might be easier so you’ll have more local control. Your FTP program should be able to batch upload all that stuff by dragging it all from your local folder window to the remote folder window.

  1. index.php is just as good.