Need help on Outlook problem

I am using outlook since many days and i am really happy with this application. I check all my mails reply them and even i get to access the mails when i am not online. These features i liked the most and i got my gmail account configured with my Outlook.
The problem with goes like this - From last week outlook used to respond very slow and i thought it was some loading problem and ignored it as i was still getting my mails on my Outlook. All of sudden now it refuses to open and when i open it message “outlook.pst can not be accessed - 0x80040119” is displayed. I am not able to open outlook it. I am not worried about the mails as i can read them on my gmail account but worried about the contacts stored in it. I have some important contacts which i have stored on Outlook. I dont even have the copy of these contacts in my dairy. Can anyone help me out to get my contacts. Any help will be appreciated.

I found this Microsoft KB article pretty quickly by googling “0x80040119”.

You should be to make sure you make a copy of your .pst before you attempt any repair.

I would suggest additional searches via the Microsoft KB and google if the above listed article does not solve your problem, and specifically I would try any and all Microsoft solutions before moving to 3rd party tools. It’s true that 9 years ago that Microsoft itself didn’t publish a very good tool for repairing .pst’s – times are different now tho.