Need help now! urgent or i will take my business else where

ALL of my sites hosted here (regardless of what they are) are redirecting to spam sites. I’ve changed all of my passwords and looked through all possible code to find out what’s wrong. Everything is clean on my end so I need to find out what’s wrong on your end.

I host a NUMBER of client sites here so I need this FIXED YESTERDAY. Why isn’t there a number I can call? I chose this service as I thought it would be the best for my clients. If I can’t get this resolved I will be taking my business elsewhere. I’ve submitted two tickets with no response. VERY unprofessional.

Fyi, Dreamhost is responsible for the infastructure that you host your site on, they are not responsible for the software you install there. Also call back support is available for an extra charge.

That said check your .htaccess file. Download a copy and scroll completely thru it, there are two other threads i’ll try to find shortly that discuss this exploit. In at least one of the other cases you need to scroll down past blank space and possible scroll right to find lines that have been indented to hide the new entries.

If you have a backup copy of your .htaccess file check it to make sure it’s not corrupt and replace the copy on the server.[hr]
read thru this thread: around post 10 it shifts to wordpress as well

the exploit is most likely caused by an insecure theme or plugin that you added.

Fixing your sites for that kind of problem is your responsibility.

I suggest you go to and run their free scanner on your domains to see what the problem is. They are very good. Many subscribers there have had their sites clean-up of spam infections.

Your site looks pretty good to me. Did something change, or is it still broken for you?