Need help migrating from domain to subdomain

Well, I sort of need help migrating my Wordpress blog…I’ve pretty much migrated it…but I have a slight hiccup.

First, I backed up all of my goodies, then created a subdomain…then created a database, and successfully exported my old database to my new database, etc,

Now when I plug my new subdomain into my browser…my blog pops up just like it should…BUT…when I go to my admin page, it then goes to my OLD address (basically same address but no subdomain)…and when I log in, I’m back at the old address.

Could anyone help me figure out what I’ve done? LOL

It would help a little if you told us what domain, so we can see what DNS records you have.

Where you using a mirror to be able to see your blog on the new subdomain? before changing dns?

Hmm, it sounds like you may not have set the URL settings correctly before doing the switch. This should help:

And just in case you need it:

Oh, woops - my new URL is, the old one is just

DH_Elle S, your suggestion helped - I just did that, and it looks like it might be working correctly…though, what if I want to use Wordpress on the “old” domain as well? if I log in there, it shoots me to my new domain ><