Need help installing pphBBS ... my own screwup!

Yeah, so, I installed phpBBS, got everything working, went to flip the switch, and it told me I had to delete the install directory first with my FTP program.

Ok, no problem … fire up the FTP s/w and promptly delete the /forums directory I had installed everything in, instead of the /forums/install directory I was supposed to delete.

OK, deep breath, go to once click installs, manage installs, delete phpBBS (and it tells me it does). Delete the database phpBBS had created.

All good right? No, now when I try to do a one-click install of phpBBS, it tells me phpBBS is already installed.

This is all, totally of my making as part and parcel of being a total &^%$#*& idiot … but can any of you help bail me out here?


You probably just need to delete it from the one click installer. Open Goodies > one click installs and click the Manage Installed Applications. Then click the arrow on the left end of the line for install, that will open up an area that allows you to “remove from list”.

BTW the current version of phpBB is 3.1.8, the Dreamhost one click installer is still on version 3.0.16. You may want to manually install instead.

Thanks LakeRat! That was it, I’d deleted everything but I hadn’t removed it from the list I guess … or I didn’t wait the 5 min before I started trying to reinstall it.