Need help installing PHP (NOT phpBB)

I’m running a webcomic site and a friend of mine taught me the basics of php for such a thing. I tried to install php from but the instructions are so complicated and unclear! I don’t know how to configure the webserver.

I tried to run PHP without installing to see if it would work, but apparently it didn’t. It’s a simple if-else statement to call up images. Can someone please give me easy step-by-step instructions to configure the webserver to dreamhost? Please email me at

Thank you!

php is already installed and running. To test, copy and paste this into a text file and name it test.php


$myname = 'Bob';
$myhouse = 'uranus';

echo 'Hi, My name is '.$myname.' and I come from '.$myhouse.' ';


it should print “Hi, My name is Bob and I come from Uranus”

if that works, php is running without problems