Need help installing AWstats

I’ve heard good things about this program, and want to install it on my sites. The problem is, I have no idea what a httpd.conf file is, or where to find it. The documentation for AWstats is not entirely clear as to where to look for it.

Can I even access that file? Dreamhost KB says I only have limited access to Apache stuff, which I have very little knowledge of anyway, so that’s probably for the best.

Yeah, so I’m lost and confused. It seemed like from the documentation that all I had to do was upload the files, run a script, change some settings, and BAM, you’ve got AWstats. It didn’t happen that way.

Any help installing this would be appreciated. Currently, I have the AWstats files uploaded to my root ftp site. I can’t get any further than that.



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Sorry, didn’t mean to go Anonynous. That was me in the last post.

Have you seen the Wiki Article?


This article was very helpful. However when I get to step # 11 and try to verify my site ( where mydomain is really my domain) I get:

sh: line 1: /home/myuser/stats/ Permission denied (where ‘myuser’ is my username)

I went in an set permissions to that file to 775, but I have a feeling this is a different problem.

I just ran through all the steps again, and it appears that going to my new stats area ( is actually pulling info from the standard DH stats. It doesn’t look anything like the AWStats example on their site.

Furthermore, the walkthrough states “Now check the output folder (/statistics/) in your browser. Look at the file.” I’ve read and re-read this and I do not see a prior reference to that html file. There’s a which I renamed to reflect my site, and uploaded to the /home/myusername/stats directory.

What did I miss?

I suspect that you cannot use the stats directory as it’s reserved by Dreamhost. Try changing your setup to use aw or awstats.

As far as that html file goes, it should work for you even though you eahv’t created it. it will reference that conf file, and get your data.


Correct on both points, thank you!

Troubleshooting a differnet problem now, where I created a ‘statistics’ folder in my domain root, and am trying to utilize DH’s remap-a-subdir function to redirect traffic to that folder over to the file. Does not seem to work as advertised (I see that empty statistics folder and no redirect occurs). I think I am misunderstanding how this is supposed to work.

Another question: how to import legacy data from the DH repository sitting on my server? Possible?