Need Help Install Database C.M.S

Hi i need help installing Post-Nuke(PHP) & MaxWebPortal(ASP)
if i create you a temp ftp account would you like to install them for me?

i will upload all that u need inc. Mysql, PHPMYADMIN, Post-Nuke, MaxWebPortal, And any thing else you may need…

i will host a link to your site + a Banner if you install these for me…
thank you…

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I can’t help you with MaxWebPortal, but I have installed PostNuke a couple times. The install script does nearly all the work for you (at least it did for version .723.

The bad thing about PostNuke is that there is so little documentation out there. After a lot of digging, I found “PostNuke for the Absolute Beginner” at It’s a step-by-step guide to installing PN on your system.

My first install was a pain in the butt, but it’s really not that difficult. One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give is to set up your MySQL subdomain, user, and password at least a day before you run the install script… otherwise you might experience PHP errors since the database might not be there.

Is this for your two posted sites? Let me know when you’ve got them operation, I’m always interested in how people can get PN personalized. Good luck!

oh nips… soryr got the wrong idea i musta been half asleep when i wrote that lol

i know how to setup post-nuke sorry…

it is mysql + phpmyadmin i need to setup.

can u help?

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[quote]it is mysql + phpmyadmin i need to setup.


Just an FYI, you can set up MySQL pretty easily from the web panel:

…and phpMyAdmin is actually installed for all accounts. Once you’ve created a database, you can access it via phpMyAdmin from the web, by going to the hostname in your browser:

For example, “

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ty for the help jeff ::sunglasses:

man i love this place i dont have an account yet but hey im getting one now… ::sunglasses:

just trying to get everything sorted asap…

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