Need help findnig path for working directory


oka i need to execute a file called ventrilo_status and put the path in this command, what do i put? file can be found at

people told me this

i’m confused what to put for username, is it the username on the host of domain name like “barry” or is it the username to acess the ftp? or is it the username to acess my dreamhost account…

i use this:

i use that in this cmd:
$stat->m_cmdprog = “/home/premierstudio/”;

but still not working whats the problem?

I have run php as cgi checked off
and i have extra web security checked off
in the web hosting settings

is there a possibility that php is not executing as cgi or something?


Edit: I just saw your other post in this forum. Dito on what was said there - I’m pretty sure this specific program ahs come into question before and can’t be installed. Don’t double post either please.

I think your Path should look somehting like

username would be the same as what you use to log into ftp or SSH with. also replace with your domain (or sub-domain) folder.



this program is not a ventrilo server, it is a script to see the status of the ventrilo server… and it is not .exe now it is a linux file so it should be executable now right?
and wah do u mean change to my subdomain folder? can u show me an example please?

also i just tried using /home/username/

did not work, the file i need to execute i put in the main directory, would that require a public_html part?
like /home/myuser/public_html/bin/
but what would be my public_html/bin/ part?


Things i tried that don’t work