NEED HELP! Did not contract with DreamHost--can't start chat session due to no info

Hi there,

It appears that our business website ( is hosted through DreamHost, however, we do not have any information from DreamHost indicating this relationship. This means I am unable to log in to get help to chat. We were under the impression that HostGator hosts our website as we have information for this relationship.

Our website is also down.

Someone–please help! Thanks!!


Thank you for contacting us for support. To gain access to your account please contact our support team here

I looked into the domain ( and the site loads w/o issue on our end. If you are still not able to pull up the site try the URL here and see if that works.

If you have any other questions please be sure to let us know

Matt C

Hi Matt,

Thank you! Yes, it has been up and running for about the last 5 minutes. However, we are still having issues.

Our website is also on Wordpress. We have it organized so that any inquiries we get are synced to our admin email address. However, those emails are not coming though, and thus some people have not been getting a response. Our web person has already installed all plug-in necessary for Wordpress but we still need our information for DreamHost.

Are you also able to give me our log-in information to start a chat session? You can email me at

Thanks again for checking into our website and I look forward to your response,
General Manager

Hi Desiree,

I’m afraid due to our privacy policy and security standards in order to gain access to your account you will need to contact our account verification team. As mentioned you can do so here by selecting the “I’ve forgotten my password” option

I looked into your site further and found a few hung processes. I got the apache service restarted and it now resolves without any issue on our end.

Matt C