Need Help - Contact Forms Suddenly Not Working


Has some sort of upgrade or change happened that would affect my PHP contact forms? Yesterday, I thought it was an email problem. Turns out there were some issues with webmail and are resolved. Today, my forms are not working. Forms that had been working up until yesterday. They won’t send - to any address. At first, I thought it was a forwarding issue because when the form is submitted, an email goes to the site address and is also forwarded to my other email account. This is no longer working. I have not changed anything in my forms other than testing different email addresses. Is there something going on that I’m not aware of? If not, how can I check to make sure the forms are sending properly? Or that the send function of PHP from the forms is working properly? This is only on xenon. I have another site on a different server using the same contact form and there are no problems. Any advice would be most appreciated.



I just tested my PHP contact form on my DH site which routes emails through my domain’s SMTP server. The forms still works and sends me all the same data as before.

Sounds like the issue may be limited only to that server, I’m on Moe.



Have you been receiving any obviously illegitimate emails from your form, such as those that might’ve been sent by spammers or their bots? If so, it is possible that DreamHost has disabled your form, although I would’ve expected them to contact you about it if that was the case.

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I received one strange email yesterday (and before that no strange emails for a very long time) but I was using a fairly secure form. I haven’t seen any other strange activity in the logs. I have not been notified of my forms being disabled. I have sent an email to support asking why my forms would suddenly stop working.

Thanks anyway.


Thanks Simon. The forms that are affected are on two different sites that reside on xenon. My other website on argon2 has no problem sending. One of the sites on xenon is using the same exact form as the one on argon2. Yet the one on xenon does not work. This is getting frustrating.