Need help connecting to my db

Hello everyone, I’m setting up MT, and it’s the first time i’ve ever been this far in a server. It’s really fun but thats besides the point. I have done everything according to wombatnations instructions and am getting the following error,

I get what it is saying, I don’t have the right path to the db i believe. So my question is, what is the path to my db? It’s a frightening newbie question i’m sure.

Could you please help?



It’s saying your data folder doesn’t exist. I think your database is fine (unless you get an error after this). Login to FTP and see if that folder exists, if not try creating it.
That might work. (I’ve not used MT).

well first off, are you setting up MT with a MYSQL database or a Berkeley Database? If you’re not sure, go back and read through the mtinstall.html under your Docs directory.

But based on the error that you are getting I believe that you are setting up MT with a Berkeley Database. I’ll start by reccomeding that you use a MYSQL database instead, it’s really much much better.

If you still want to set it up with your berkeley Database, first check, as above, and see if your directory really exists… did you create it? Then if it’s really there it gets more complicated. I heavn’t set up a Berkeley database with dreamhost so I don’t know exactly what the directory string needs to look like, but it will be somthing to the effect of /host_machine/username/ But it can be really tricky to figure this out. Basically the directory you need to specify is one that will make sense to the computer excuting your commans.

It’s actually really easy to set up a MYSQL database :slight_smile: you can create one through your control panel - it’s under Goodies -> MYSQL. just set up a new DB, create a user name and pass, and the host name. Then all you have to do is un-comment the lines in mt.cfg about the MYSQL database and change them for your new DB to look something like:

ObjectDriver DBI::mysql
Database your_db_name
DBUser user_name

And then run install! It’s that easy. I really like MYSQL if you didn’t allready guess :slight_smile: Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other problems, I maintain several MT isntalls here on my domains hosted here at wonderful dreamhost!



Take a look at the mt.cfg file on the server and make sure that the ObjectDriver line and three lines that follow it are not commented out. If there is a # at the beginning of a line, it is commented out.

Your post suggests that it is commented out. When MT doesn’t find a the ObjectDriver property, it assumes you are using the default Berkeley DB database. MT then goes looking for the directory in which it should create the Berkeley DB data files. When it doesn’t find that directory, it spews out the error message you saw.

As Mattail pointed out, assuming you have created the MySQL database and set the values for the four database-related properties in mt.cfg properly, all you need to do is uncomment those properties and run the install again.