NEED HELP ASAP PLEASE ! Problem Migrating from cPanel to the DreamHost


Hi, we are trying to migrate from our old host. It was a private company and they are closing up and turning off all server May 25. ( Ahhhh! )Because of that we are VERY pressed for time. We are trying over and over to run cPanel import bet neither fetch or upload backup options work. Any ideas?


How about explaining the specific messages you’re seeing? I did this with several domains, and had mixed success. The databases, for example, had to be imported manually, but that was some months ago.


To be honest by now i am confused by the entire process.
We signed up for dreamhost relying on cPanel import functions. But they keep failing. Fetch is not working, first one failed and second one has been “exporting” for the last 72 hours. (little too much for 3Gig of stuff - Dont you think?) Manual import gives status “Failed” and no more useful info. And we are completely confused by the manual instructions.
Regarding manual import - why cant I just copy SQL folder? Why is export/import process needed?


My suggestion is that you ask for support.


I did they give me very vague instructions with links to wiki. I always ahd amazing experience with dreamhost but this has been a nightmare! :frowning:


cPanel import is in beta, so I understand people have problems. As I said, I couldn’t get my databases to import.

Really, the simplest way would be to copy your public_html folder in your cPanel installation to the site folder on DreamHost. Then use the Wiki to check how to create a MySQL dump and import into a new database in DreamHost. It’s a pretty trivial process really. You don’t just copy the folder that contains your database files.

Having worked extensively with cPanel servers, I’d be happy to guide you further.


But why Dreamhost can’t have a CPanel licence or WHM or Reseller package like other hosting companies from Softlayer or ThePlanet, etc.?
Dreamhost hosting is only for tehnical websites or science documentaion websites or wiki websites? :slight_smile:

Big fish eat small fish…


We have our own in-house control panel and management tools, both of which which we believe are significantly superior to cPanel. Trying to use those and cPanel would be a mess, and would limit your access to some of the features which are unique to our own DreamHost Panel.


Having a cPanel or Plesk license is the cheap way out. A hosting company doesn’t need to develop any special technologies. Anyone can lease some servers, colocate them in a datacenter, license a control panel and, with minimal effort, become a host. Some do it well with this setup, some don’t.

DreamHost opted to design their own custom control panel. Few hosts do that (other examples are GoDaddy and 1and1).


One of the main reasons I stick with DH is because they do NOT use cPanel. I think, if they switched to it, the migration away from here would be swift.


They have lots and lots of customizations that would make it really difficult to use cPanel, one being that they use Debian, whereas cPanel works best with Red Hat or CentOS. Literally they’d be throwing out everything they’ve done in exchange for paying a third-party company to license software.


Yes Gene this is true and DreamHost Admin Panel is like cPanel, easy to use and this is good for newbies but another important thing is when you use DreamHost panel on https is very slowy …

It was accessed daily about 5-6 years (i have ~80 websites on a shared account on DreamHost) :slight_smile: from my home in EUROPE (with 90 - 98 MB download speed) and is very slow. (But i think the problem is only the distance Bucharest, Romania to California, US).


@ Gene Steinberg

Hi Gene, I would really appreciate your help.

We’ve got an extension from our old host, so we still got some time to work on it. Everything is still hosted there. Im now following dreamhost instructions on creating an SQL in this kind of situation - I will see how far I can get on my own. I’m not sure yet what my next step or next question will be but I’m sure I’ll have many :slight_smile: Thank You for offering your help - I really appreciate it!

Also I was wondering what have I gained from partially crushed import that recreated user and email accounts. Is that helpful or will it create a confusing mess?

Thanks !


Well, it is importing your database to DreamHost. Then you copy your Web files over to DreamHost, and, once that’s done, change the nameservers at your domain registrar. The only “scary” part is the database import, but it’s not scary, really.

Send me a private message if you need any more assistance.