Need help about phpmyadmin configration

Is there any one use phpmyadmin?
i am using a php/mysql space (
i uploaded phpmyadmin to the folder "phpmyadmin"
then i open setup in the browser.

here’s setting up, most of them are left black as i don’t know how to fill with it.

Server hostname ""
Server port "“
Server socket”"
Connection type "tcp"
PHP extension to use "mysql"
Compress connection "no"
Authentication type "cookie"
User for config auth
Password for config auth
Only database to show
Verbose name of this server
phpMyAdmin control user "admin"
phpMyAdmin control user password "xxxxxx"
phpMyAdmin database for advanced features
Session name for signon auth
Login URL for signon auth ""
Logout URL

Then i save the config.ini.php and upload to the /phpmyadmin folder.
But it seem no action
I’ll be appreciate anyone can help me.

Why are you installing phpmyadmin? its already installed onto your dream host account, Go to Manage MySQL and you’ll see a link to phpmyadmin there.

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