Need good (easy) database tutorial!

I am thoroughly familiar with xhtml/css etc., have hacked a fair share of javascript, use PHP for includes, etc. but I am having a hard time getting started with creating a database driven site.

I’ve waded through this and the programming forum and read all the Kbase stuff related but what I really need is a step-by-step tutorial on creating a database powered site.

I don’t need anything fancy like a shopping cart or even logins. Basically, I currently am building a site with four distinct major categories, each with sub categoried, each page is formatted the same and variable are only images and text. I’m currently using PHP variables at the top of each page so I don’t have to pick through the code for each page, but why not just create a database? I’m about 2 inches away from it, but need that missing link!

I’ve installed movable type before, but never created tables or anything myself. Can anyone point me in a good direction?

Oh yeah, I have been to and other classic sites, but I am SUPER busy and really just want the monkey-see-monkey do thing - maybe it is on but I couldn’t find it!!!

Thanks so much in advance for any help/input!


You weren’t really specific about how you want to use your data, but try this link, it was really helpful when I was learning: