Need Formmail type script with customizable output

I am trying to create an “action center” page for a political group site whereby the user will go to the page, fill in their name and email address, have the ability to edit a pre-defined message in a text box. Once the user hits submit, I would like the results to automatically be sent to the politicians in a traditional email format.

I can get this to work with the standard Formmail script but of course, the emails look like form results rather than emails. Can anyone recommend a script that will not generate the form field headings or allow me to customize the output so that the emails look more natural?

I seem to have found one script that looks promising but I’m afraid the coding is over my head. Is there anyone out there that would be interesting creating this form for me? I would be willing to pay for it.

is there more than one pre-defined message? and what in the message would need to be customized?

I would need the ability to change the message as the issues changed. Essentially, I had the message set up as a text box and the message was set as the initial value. The user would have the opportunity to edit or add to the pre-set message.

When I said customizeable output, I meant that I want to be able to customize the format of the email. I really don’t need an ability to customize if the script emails the result in a natural email look. I just don’t want the email that gets sent to the politicians to look like a form result.