Need form script that

I need a form script that allows my form to have a browse button people can use to locate an image on their PC that would be emailed to me along with any info typed up in the form, unfortunately the formmail script dreamhost supply doesnt do this, any suggestions? Thanks

php is the way to go. code an html page that has your form controls, including an input control that’s set to type=“file”. have the form action call your php file that takes the post variables and mails them to you.

here’s a good resource:

Here is a Perl script you can use as a starting point:

Hmm, I left out checking to see if someone tried to upload too much (POST_MAX)

:cool: Perl / MySQL / HTML CSS

thanks but i cant figure out how to do it, how much should it cost me to pay someone to set this up for me? thanks

It could be done in an hour or at the most 2… (depending on the full specs of the form (if you have the form alredy created it’s quicker than hiring somone to do a form from scratch).

Figure $15-$50/hr depending on the person.

If you have the form already created, and just want the form results, and image emailed to you, I’d do it for $30.

Keep in mind there is a image size upload limit on Dreamhost, and from what i’ve read you can’t get past that limit. (Different hosts have different limits).

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ok thanks i will pay $30 if you can do that, the form is almost finished i have the browse buttons on the form for people to locate the images from their hard drive but dont have an upload button (cant see an option for upload buttons in adobe GL5) can you add the upload button? thanks