Need explanation about dreamcompute


Can someone explain to me what’s exactly dreamcompute ? is it similar to paas services ?

For my next project I need some kind of hosting where I can scale automatically on demand, I mean when the traffic goes up then more resources get added automatically (I need to be able to handle any size of traffic at any time automatically)

Is dreamcompute designed for a such thing ?


Hi there

DreamCompute is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): virtualized disks (block storage), networks and computing power, wrapped around a powerful API. Basically, a system that allows you to create and manage the basic infrastructure for your applications without having to deal with hardware: call an API and within seconds you have your favorite operating system running.

DreamCompute is not technicall a paas service: it’s a lower level, below paas. You can install paas like CloudFoundry or OpenShift on top of DreamCompute, though.

To your question of scaling on demand, in theory you can: DreamCompute uses the OpenStack APIs and it’s possible to insert some logic in your application to add resources as needed. It’s hard to give you a more precise answer than this without more details. What kind of application are you working on?

Thank you for the explanation, Actually we are working on some kind of website builder, our users create and launch their websites on our platform and traffic will be the traffic of our users (mostly they use paid traffic and redirect it to their website which is hosted on our platform), we just need to handle any volume of unexpected traffic (we are planing to use some caching system), and we want to avoid the service getting slow at any time… Is that clear ? I can provide more info if needed

It depends on how your system is designed and the developers will know more about that. If you needs to add more servers to handle increased demand, or raise the capacity of the individual servers, ie increase the cores, RAM and disk space DreamCompute is fine.