Need exact steps to give web person access (cpanel, URL etc)

My hired web developer says she needs Panel access, username, and password to the new domain we’re working on. The domain is in Dreamhost, I’ve set up a new User account with its own password.

  • Do I assign that user to the domain?
  • if only one User can be assigned to a domain, how do I access it while they are the User?
  • What URL do I give them so they can upload the template and other files?

Thank you for any help. I’m obviously confused.

Change the current shell password to something else and give her that info to login. After she has completed her work change the password back to whatever you want.

Panel access is not required – only SFTP (or shell).

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Possibly the easiest route would be to grant the web developer access to the Panel at:

There you can allow access to the specific Domain, User and Database for the site, or grant more general access to the whole account. Panel access would allow the developer to make necessary changes to the domain settings (PHP versions, etc), or manipulate domain databases, etc.

As @sXi mentioned, for shell user access you could share the password. A more secure alternative is to ask the developer for their public SSH key, and install that in the shell user. This way, no passwords are ever exchanged, and the developers access can be easily revoked at any time without changing the shell password.

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