Need easier reliable junk filter

I’m inundated with spam through my Dreamhost domain. Some time ago I turned on DHSPAM - what I understand is DH’s version of SpamAssassin. That got maybe half the spam, the other half it scores in the same range as all my legitimate mail.

On these discussion pages I see advice to install and run through procmail a newer version of SpamAssassin, or to forward all my mail to Gmail.

Gmail, and a whole bunch of retail ISPs out there (I’m from Canada, and know many happy users of Telus and Shaw spam filters) have figured out easy user-friendly spam filtering. Why can DH not make it just as easy for us?

Comments? Solutions? (Polite) advice please.

SpamAssassin can be an easier more reliable filter, but the mail system here is not easy to manage. Until then, I use SpamSieve on my Mac to filter all incoming mail and it does a very good job. The downside is that filtering at the client side is less efficient than doing it on the server side.

The Gmail solution is pretty straightforward. Easier than I’d first imagined.