Need Dreamweaver Guru's Help

I am doing a site in DW8 using mac os 10.4, I have this link:

Everything works fine in Safari, Firefox, and even IE for mac, but on a PC using windows XP this happens:

1- The flash banner on the top moves over to the left a little on top of the logo.
2- The verbage copy on the left goes to the center.
3- The form cells move to the center instead of left justified.

All three problem areas have a CSS style attached to them but they are moving in XP? Anyone have an idea why? Here is a link to what it supposed to look like on the top and what happened on my friends cpu using XP on the bottom.


I am not a guru, but will try to help.

  1. your tags are pretty messed up.
    a. remove the second tag from line 4
    b. remove the second tag from line 6
    c. the second body tag looks like it is supposed to be the beginning table tag, but I don’t believe you need it. hard to say, so, what is now line about line 171

remove all of the above. save your document prior, just in case.

there are more validation problems, but first see if the above helps out your alignment problem.

If so, then use dreamweaver’s validation for the rest of the code.

Window >> Results >> Validation >> Validate the current document


Thanks buddy…I will do it tomorrow and then try it out on my friends PC.