Need Dreamhost support to contact me

For some reason my WordPress database has been corrupted and I need to see if DH has a backup before I try to do my own backup which is 1/2 month old (yeah, I know I should have been backing up more often). Also having the size limit on MyPHPAdmin imports makes it a pain to get even this old backup onto the server.

I’ve submitted three tickets already, marked them critical, left my email and phone number, posted a comment in the status blog (yeah, I know that’s not what that’s for but I didn’t even get a confirmation of my tickets via email).

Is DH swamped at the moment with problems?

I doubt you’re helping your cause by submitting multiple tickets with with critical status for something that’s not.

How would you like it if the reason they’re not getting back to you quickly is because a bunch of people are doing what you’re doing?

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It was a multiple ticket because I did a few more tests and have tried to narrow down the problem.

Had I gotten some kind of confirmation on the original ticket I could have just updated that without adding another ticket.

Okay, DH rocks it! Fixed my problem and gave guidance on preventing this from happening again. Kudos to tech support.