Need DNS help



i have a domain registered on DH. let’s say i want to host the main domain externally, but leave a subdomain hosted with DH. is this done with DNS settings? how? --> host somewhere else --> host on dreamhost

thanks in advance for any help!


What’s your current hosting for the domain and the subdomain?

One easy way of doing this if you’re starting from scratch is to:

  1. Add the domain in the “Domains>Manage Domains>Add New Domain / Sub-Domain” page of the control panel. Parking the domain is the least amount of data entry, btw.
  2. Go back to the “Domains>Manage Domains” page. Delete web hosting for the domain.
  3. From the the “Domains>Manage Domains” page, click on the “DNS” link for the domain. Add a blank “A” record and a “www” “A” record with a value equal to the IP address of your server at your other host.
  4. From the “Domains>Manage Domains” page, click “Add New Domain / Sub-Domain” again. This time, add the subdomain as a fully hosted domain.

You should be all set up after DNS propagates. The main domain should point to the other host and your subdomain will be hosted here at DreamHost.

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thanks, i think you’ve answered my question!

basically, i want to use dreamhost as a host for large files (images, media, etc) on a subdomain (e.g., and then let everything else be handled by an external dedicated host.

some more questions/clarifications:

  1. i should leave the name servers pointing to dreamhost, right?
  2. is it possible to have duplicate A records pointing to different IPs? (i.e. failover IP)

thanks for your help!