Need custom DNS help

i’m not to familiar with DNS setup so i need some help. i have a domain set up on dreamhost and i need to set up a subdomain to point to an IP address outside of dreamhost. right now i currently have a subdomain set up to redirect to the IP, so when someone types in the subdomain in their browser it will forward/redirect them to that IP but the IP address shows in the browser’s address bar.

how do i set up a custom DNS to point that subdomain to that IP address? i’m not really familiar with DNS records and i know i have to set up a DNS record but i don’t know exactly what to do.

can anyone help me out, step by step?

also, when i set up a new DNS record should i remove the subdomain i already set up so it doesn’t conflict with the custom record?

thanks in advance for any help

The process is actually fairly straight forward in the panel.

Go to Domains -> Manage Domains, click on the small [DNS] next to the relevant domain and in the section titled Add a DNS record to add the following information;

Name: Name of the subdomain you want to create the record for.
Type: Leave it on A
Value: Enter the IP address here.

Now just click on the Add Record Now! button and after everything propagates, your subdomain should work.

Oh yeah, in answer to your other question; It is probably a good idea to delete the existing DreamHost hosted sub-domain before creating the DNS record. It might also be a good idea to wait a while for the sub-domain to be entirely removed from the system before attempting to add the record.


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  1. Delete your existing subdomain.
  2. In Manage Domains, click DNS for your main domain.
  3. Make sure your old subdomain has been cleared out of the system. Wait for it to clear, if necessary.
  4. Add an ‘A’ DNS record for your desired subdomain:
    Name: whatever []
    Type: A
    Value: XX.XX.XX.XX (the IP address)
    Comment: Whatever, or blank
  5. Click ‘Add Record Now!’

You should the green box saying it was successful, with a link to “Click here to see new record.”

Wait a couple of hours or so for it to take hold.


thank you. that’s how i thought it was done but i just didn’t want to start messing with the DNS records without knowing if that was the correct way or not.


I know what you mean, these things can be a little daunting at times, especially considering the ‘Advanced Users Only’ warning at the top of the custom DNS page.

Sometimes it is better to ask, just to be sure :slight_smile:


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The problem I’m having with this is that the old subdomains that I’ve cleared out are still in the record. They haven’t cleared out and I deleted some of them over two months ago. I went ahead and created a custom entry, but the previous one still shows up. I also created a test custom entry, but it doesn’t load at all. I’m not sure if any of the customs are actually loading into the DNS record right now or not. Hard to tell with all the problems of late.