Need coupons for monthly level 1


I read here that the maximum discount allowed (by DreamHost) on monthly plans is $50.

Who is actually advertising a $50 coupon for monthly plans? I’ve seen some but how can I tell if they’re for monthly or yearly plans?

I need level 1 and I plan on making the first payment (for the coupon) by credit card. Also, I’m wondering if I can then continue paying my next monthly payments by paypal. Is that feasable?


Each promo code can cover all plans, showing a max for the yearly ones. The code in my sig will knock the $50 off of that plan for you.

You might want to check with them about the billing, if you’re doing it to protect the 97 day guarantee.

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you can use my coupon if you want $50 off.

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Psst. Don’t tell anybody, but if you use code GIMMEALLDAMONEY5 they will pay you $5 per month.



Seriously though, I think you will find that nearly all promo-codes out there will offer the maximum discount on monthly plans.

If in doubt, you can always try the promo-code during the sign-up process. The discount given is shown on the final payment page, before you commit any funds.


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