Need command line help--hack related


invision tech support has found the following code generating errors:

but they need me to use “the grep command line tool to try and find which file(s) that code has been included in”. of course, i don’t know how to use the command line, and given dreamhost’s current non-existent response rate i have no hope of hearing from them. any help much appreciated.


Read this thread:


grep, of course, searches for a string in the listed files
-R will grep recursively
-l (lower case ell) will only list the files containing the results
-i will ignore case, so RR.nU will be found is the string you’re searching for. Adding slashes, question marks, less-than and greater-than signs, quotes, etc. makes the command more complicated. I assume that line…nu doesn’t exist naturally in your files, so it’s simpler to just search for that.
~/* means all the files in your home directory. is in a subdirectory of your home directory, so it will get searched.

Good luck…


[font=Courier]grep[/font] is only going to tell you which files have been modified with the code. You still need to take it out. A more useful approach would be [font=Courier]sed[/font]: