Need Clarification on installing WP


I have set up my site with a basic front page “coming soon”. I also have set up a forum using vbulletin.

I would like to use wp on my main page that will link to my forum. When I click the “one click install” it tells me I should not have any other files in the directory.

I know that both vbulletin and wp are databases. I am just not sure of the best way to install wp so that it is the landing page and the install does not interfere with my already installed vbulletin. Here is the site:

Thanks for any guidance.





Instead of using the one-click installer you are free to install wp manually. Just download the files from and follow the instructions.


The problem I see is that you already have a site installed in your main folder. If you want WordPress to become your main site, your existing site needs to be moved to a subfolder or even a subdomain. Then you can install WordPress.

If you want to install WP using One-Click you can rename your folder to forum. Then create a new folder and then use the One-Click install a custom WordPress into that domain. Once that’s done, then move the “forum” folder into the folder and edit your vbulletin settings to use the new subfolder.