Need best wordpress theme

Admin please give me best wordpress theme.

There is no “best” WordPress theme. You need to consider what you are looking for in a website and then find a theme that provides that, or can be adapted (via a child theme) to provide that.

What website are you trying to make? I for example have a contractor site, but the theme I’m using wouldn’t go well for a lot of other sites.

Here is what I like to do - look for other sites in your niche, find a few of them that you like.
Then go to a theme detector such as ScanWP and put these URLs in the search form.
You will get the theme name as long as all the plugins used on each site assuming it’s wordpress.

Now all you have to do is choose which one to use.

Or you could just look at the source code, which will also tell you the theme and the plugins.

I would add that you looking for a theme that has a good track record of support. This could be either a commercial theme or a free theme. Best would be they have the source code on GitHub and you see a lot of branches or activity. I’ve been burned before by theme vendors that boils down to lack of business skills (they go under) or basically crooks disguised as theme developers that hold you hostage.