Need basic help

So I have bought my domain that will be hosted by DreamHost. I am wanting to run a blog with wordpress through my new website, but do not know what steps I need to take to get that set up.

Any help?

Go to manage domains and add hosting to the domain. the default options should be fine.

Easiest way to install Wordpress is to use the one-click install option under goodies.

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thanks monkeyboy,

i did the easy install of wordpress. so now my website has the basic wordpress background. i feel like i am making progress.

so my next question is:
i have a third party word press theme that i want to use. will i upload this through my wordpress dashboard or through my dreamhost stuff?

i am pretty clueless, but i know once i get this initial stuff setup, i will be good to go.

thanks for the help!

depends which option you used to install it, if it was easy mode you probably can’t if you used the advanced mode then you can upload it by ftp.

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I did the advanced mode.

Is there a place I can get a quick how-to on using an FTP? I have one I am using, but have no clue on folders and what goes where…

You can use the WebFTP interface in the DreamHost panel under Domains -> Manage Domains. The theme folder belongs in your directory.

Or you can get a friendly FTP program like Filezilla.