Need alternate port for SSH login

I wonder if secure shell of dreamhost works on port 443? I can not access it other wise because my ISP drops ports other than 443 and 80. Please advise.

Unfortunately, I believe the DreamHost SSH server only listens on port 22. Even if it was configured to listen on an alternative port, I doubt DreamHost would have chosen port 443, it being the default port for HTTPS.

You might be able to work around the problem by using some kind of web based SSH proxy. I have personally never used one, but a Google search should turn up something.

It sounds like you need a new ISP. :slight_smile:


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you can work around this by getting an account at
It’s a free linux account where you can ssh to via port 443. So you can log in at dreamhost via rootshell rocks! (so does my site :))
link me