Need advice on News script


I don’t really know where to ask this.

I need a script/software that can publish news on a main page. (Maybe using SSI)

My choice is Article Manager:

But his price make me ask if any of you have an idea.

Here is some feature I need:

  • WYSIWYG posting feature
  • Archive
  • Can choose how many “news” I want by pages
  • I don’t want a full content manager (such as Nuke)

Thanks for any help

Check out

I can’t recommend any of them, but a few look like they might fit your requirements.

Personally I don’t like it. It can take some getting used to. For some reason I can’t get my head around it. It is pretty easy to make your own news system if you know some PHP. If you find a decent news system but no WYSIWYG then you can use a browser based editor called htmlArea.

Thanks for replys.

I looked a bit, and can’t find anything that look like Article Manager.

I ordered it today. So far it look very simple but effective. Sadly, it’s a bit overpriced

oooh that is a bit pricey. But interactivetools is a good company.

Seems like one of the blogging tools (such as Movabletype) would have done what you needed. Or cutenews.