Need advice on 2-factor vertification plugins for Wordpress security

I just read this Yoast article on Wordpress security

One of the things they recommend is installing Google 2-factor Authentication, using this plugin.

I noticed there is one other similar plug-in, but it uses something called miniOrange authenticator app.

Has anyone used either of these, is it worth doing? I use 2-factor authentication on my password manager, and it is quite a hassle.

Thanks for your help,
-mj lee

I use the Authy plugin. I find it easier than the Google Authenticator because 1) It always starts at 20 seconds, and 2) The iPhone App has a Touch-to-Approve feature so I don’t have to type in the authentication code.

One other feature is that you don’t have to use it on all accounts, though I do.

Thx for the reply. That plugin hasn’t been updated for WP 4.7, and support looks iffy, so I’m going to hold off for now. Plus, one of the reviews says it is not a free plugin, but I didn’t see what it costs. Do u know?

I’m using it on my 4.7 sites. For low volume usage, it’s free.