Need Advice: Best Way to Update PHP.ini

I have a couple php.ini changes to make (it’s running under cgi-bin per DreamHost instructions).

Can I simply edit the php.ini file on my local machine then upload it?

Or do I have to make these changes using shell editor?

I’d like the changes to take effect immediately.


You have to follow the instructions in the wiki to tell DH to use your php.ini

For the actual php.ini file, you can upload your own php.ini file.

sXi’s script handles this very nicely:

I used the dh-phpini script and it worked nicely.

Not sure if I did something wrong, but the changes weren’t propagating right away after uploading the updated php.ini… so I forced a recache using the [font=Courier]touch dispatch.fcgi[/font] command. Everything working as expected now.

patrick, sdayman… thanks for the help.