Need access to xmlrpc and sockets

I need to be able to use the networking features of Moodle, an LMS available as a DH oneclick, to connect it – manage the user authentication – with Mahara, an e-Portfolio platform. I have them both running successfully independently at Dreamhost. Together, they are known as Mahoodle.

I need access to xmlrpc and sockets and they are not part of DH’s PhP5.

I have read a few things at the wiki about this but not necessarily any satisfactory conclusion…

Can I use a custom php.ini file to gain access to the missing extensions? Maybe a local copy of the xmlrpc extension, or would I have to install a complete local version of PhP5 with everything that I wanted included?

Is this a limitation for users on PS servers, too?

Is anyone at Dreamhost successfully running a Mahoodle install? I’ll have to switch hosts if I can’t get this working here and I’d hate to do that because I’ve been a customer for years and have had few problems.