Need access to control panel

My registration expired today and Dreamhost shut down my website and email.
I need to get into control panel to renew registration but my account requires a different Authorization IP code emailed to me monthly to access control panel.
This authorization code is being sent to the email that they shut down. What can I do to get access to my control panel in order to renew my registration and get my email account back?

Contact form:

Select “Other” and that should get you a response after the weekend is over.

Tried “Other” twice now… no response.

Hello Bob,

Thank you for contacting us for help. If you can supply us with a support ticket# or the name it was submitted under we can look into the status of that ticket.

Matt C

There is no support ticket because I can’t get into ‘support’ because I can’t login. You are sending the Authorization IP code that I need to login, to the email address( that you shut down.

Here is a temp email you can send it to if that helps:

Tim Herber

Please use this link select the “other” option from the drop down and include an email you have access to. Please let us know once it has been submitted (the name will help us locate it quickly) and we can get it over to our account verification team to assist you further,

Matt C

I’ve done that exact thing… twice. Still no response. I’ll try again right now.
Just sent it again.

I was able to locate your ticket and got it escalated over to our verification team, They will look into the issue and update you accordingly.

Matt C