Need access to client's account

I am trying to get access to a client’s account. Their previous administrator no longer works for the company and refuses to give up the credentials.

What I have:
Company address
Company phone
Account number
User name
Old password
Last 4 digits of credit card (not first 4 though)

Unfortunately it looks like the email used to register is not one of the admin accounts. I have no idea which email was used (if I knew I could reset the password that way).

There are some issues with the service records I need to fix so asap. So far I have not been successful in gaining access to this account - is there someone that can assist me?

Thank you

While I do not speak for Dreamhost, I have had experience in cases such as this.
If the account was set up as a personal account then you have very little (if any) hope of gaining access to the account.
The company in question will need to see if they have any legal grounds to stand on, then seek the aid of a local authority.

If the company cannot gain access to the account, then they will need to see what (if any) backups were made and attempt to rebuild from there.

See Apple’s case not so long ago, the family of a deceased iPad owner applied to Apple to gain access to the iPad, on the grounds that the account was a personal account and that the family were not the account owner, Apple refused and won the following court case.

This is a very good example of improper IT management, any accounts for a business need to be set up as such and any credentials used to access those accounts stored securely where multiple administrators have access to them.

Often the first thing I do when taking over a project or team, is to build solid documentation on everything, no matter how insignificant it might first appear to be.

Anecdotally, this is what Google refers to as “the bus factor”, as in - How many people in conjunction with the project could be hit by a bus before the project is in serious trouble of falling apart. In this case, one.