Need access info for non-live website

I am developing a wordpress site for a domain that has not had its dns pointed to dreamhost yet. what do I need to put in my browser to be able to start working with wordpress?

My server: appomattox
My username: carsta7
Domain I am trying to reach:

I know its a combination of things and have been trying everything I can think of but havn’t “cracked the code”.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Promise to remember for next time;-)

Are you thinking about our DreamHosters subdomain service?

Thanks but, it is a domain that has not had dns set up for yet - it is registered but I don’t want it to be live until I have the site up and running. I’ve not used dreamhosters before for another site I’ve done the same thing for. Just can’t remember how to do it! Frustrating.

Do you mean the DNS hack? (set your router to use DreamHost DNS servers)

I think it’s better to add a free sub-domain as Fully Hosted (like Ipstenu indicated above) on an SFTP account and start developing away. When you’re happy with it all it’s quite easy to then set the DNS to go Live for the domain and edit the directories serverside so that is up and running in a matter of hours.

What he said =]

Check my links above for the instructions tho.

Thanks, all…used mirroring with dreamhoster and am in!
take care,