Need a WordPress consultant

Do you know anyone who can help me take my WP blog to the next level? Are you that someone?

While I appreciate all the help that has gotten me this far, it’s reached the point where I can’t keep up.

My WordPress blog has grown beyond my ability to optimize it. I’ve got CloudFlare conflicting with my cache plugin and my empty HTTP host name interfering with the CDN. I have plenty of VPS space but people still bounce off and then complain to me. My stats are stuck yet I’ve never been more popular!

If that makes sense to you and you’d like to pick up a fee for fixing it, please reach me at the Way of Cats site.

I’ve approached some bigger names, but they scorn my “only” 62k visits a month site. I would prefer hiring a plucky entrepreneur, like me. Only with better WP skills!

Thanks, all! Got a good connection and moving forward!