Need a way to allow uploads to server by public



We’re having a video project for kids and need to have a webpage online where they can upload their video submissions. I’m guessing some of these files may be large but less than 200MB in size.

We have a WordPress site running, I put together a page with a script to upload files but it can’t take large file sizes.

Is there another solution? Has to be easy for folks to use without an FTP client. If it has to be via FTP maybe we’ll have to make a cron job to move any uploaded files to another directory so folks don’t see everyone elses submissions.

Or is there another service that we could use? Yeah, Megaupload probably won’t work for us, ha.


Have a look at the WordPress plugin “Easy FTP Upload”

I use it for my WP and works great also with large files. You just fill in the upload dir and user/pwd and set a code in a new page/post with a link and an upload form is created with your WordPress.
I recommend you use for the upload dir a separate dir, outside you WordPress dir. (Create new FTP user in the panel)
No one can see the file or link to it, since it is outside of any domain.
Afterwards you can just move it to your dir you wish with you own FTP and link to it if needed.

You will receive an email when someone uploads.