Need a test also!

I added 2 sub-domains & DH says their is no loading problem.
1st is a Joomla site

2nd is a gallery G2 site

Thanks, :slight_smile:

Later, TODDMAN took about 20seconds+ to load… I’m not sure if that’s my internet though, as it’s been funky the last couple days.

2nd domain,, loaded up nice and fast. I’d say … 5-6seconds at most? Some of the pictures took a bit, but certainly nothing unusual.

1st site: 8.5 seconds to AU.

2nd site: 13 seconds

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I RCV’d this email from DH moving my account to a different server, hopefully this will resolve my loading problems.

"Hello Todd,
I’ve just moved you to your new server! This change should take effect
within about 10-12 hours, so after that time let me know if you’re still
having any performance or stability issues, or if the move has adversely
affected your sites in any way.



Hi Toddman, return favor…:slight_smile:

From Italy:

1st: 7 sec
2nd: 8 sec

Can you tell me please your server name (site and sql)?


As of this post, both sites are pretty speedy for me at 2-3 seconds to finish loading all content.

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I really seems much faster now (than when I checked for some other post you had).

Can you tell us which server you were on before and where are you now?

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“Decio -
Can you tell us which server you were on before and where are you now?”

They moved me from willie to apu & it’s a big difference :slight_smile: